One hundred years ago our world was filled with discord and chaos.

Today, DianToz is a Utopic society of comfort and freedom.  We have embraced the challenge of space exploration with a great passion. Space exploits have become the rallying cry for Diankind.

Nanotechnology and Tronic*I has created Colossal Architectural Superstructures on neighboring worlds , paving the way for epic adventures and passage for all of Diankind.  

Space-Age Entertainment Parks sweep across our star systems.  Thrill seeking and exploring have become a passion of our species like never before in our existence . Space explorers and families have found themselves with many options for out-of-the-world adventures. 

Thanks to XNA Enhancements our people have incredible powers and strength to withstand and even welcome the rigors and challenges of space travel.

Because genetic advancements have extended the average lifespan to near immortality, space discovery has the preferred way of life for many of our people. 

Shooting out of a ice volcano on a distant moon and becoming immersed in a celestial borealis is only one of the many grand adventures enjoyed by people of DianToz. 

Multiple adventures abound, from watching fireworks extend across an alien heaven on a methane world or scaling towering mountains viewing alien landscapes.

Traveling the planets has become a fulfilling way of life to our species.

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