Episode 2 – Chronicles of DianToz

The Weekly Epistle -7:7:21- Continue the Space Odyssey as we learn about The Three Rings of DianToz and how they benefit Diankind…

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Episode 3 – Chronicles of DianToz

The Weekly Epistle-7:21:21
How did Homo Heidelbergensis arrive on DianToz? Who are ancient travelers known as The AnteDeluvians and what role did they play in the evolution of the Galaxy?

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History and Overview Our Space Odyssey continues with MeGron the closest planet to SoVran. In ancient times the mighty gas giant planet was quite visible in the night sky. The ancient astrologers postulated that MeGron was a lost moon and had angered the Gods, doomed to wander the heavens, reaching for DianToz (as the planet’s…

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