DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-3

In Episode3 you will learn about The AlPha Scouts, the first space pioneers and take a Celestial ride on a Cosmic Roller Coaster!

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-4

Episode4 introduces the listener to the origins of how The AlPha Religion came to be a Galactic Religion.  

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-5

In Episode5 you will Meet The IClonn, a unique sea creature that lives deep within an  exomoon, followed by a grand tour of The SoVran System.


DamonsBravenewWorld S-1 E-6

In Episode6 you will learn how Space Mining changed DianToz forever… and end your listening experience on a Grand Adventure, Wind Surfing on The Planet OuRannos!

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-7

In Episode7, we learn about our sister star, MiThos and the planets that circle this Binary Star. 

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-8

What will be the next evolution to Higher Intelligence?

Episode8 delves into this and finishes by taking you on a Grand Adventure to the most geologically unique Exomoon in our Systems.

And much more…

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-9

Come take a ride on the Millenia2 Space Elevator and bask in the Rings of Norsoom.


DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-10

In the final episode of Season One, we’re going to visit a comet, discuss self-replicating Robots and Staar Fusion among other subjects.