DBNW PodCasts

GalacTic Ghost

In the GalacTic Timeline you can hear the voices of our ancestors and our descendants. 

They are the GalacTic Ghost of the Cosmos.

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-1

Welcome to DamonsBraveNewWorld

Episode One begins a journey that will take you to a Celestial Civilization located within our Galaxy.

In this episode you will begin to learn about The Great Civilization of DianToz and The AlPha Religion.

Located within The KalaZo Star Cluster, DianToz is a world of space-faring superheroes who travel within a Trinary Star System exploring strange and alien planets that harbor exotic life forms.

Astounding discoveries indeed can be found within DamonsBraveNewWorld.

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-2

Episode2 continues the journey to the Celestial Civilization of DianToz.

Let your imagination take you into the world of tomorrow’s super heroes exploring strange and alien planets within the SoVran Trinary Star System.

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-3

In Episode3 you will learn about The AlPha Scouts, the first space pioneers and take a Celestial ride on a Cosmic Roller Coaster!

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-4

Episode4 introduces the listener to the origins of how The AlPha Religion came to be a Galactic Religion.  

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-5

In Episode5 you will Meet The IClonn, a unique sea creature that lives deep within an  exomoon, followed by a grand tour of The SoVran System.


DamonsBravenewWorld S-1 E-6

In Episode6 you will learn how Space Mining changed DianToz forever… and end your listening experience on a Grand Adventure, Wind Surfing on The Planet OuRannos!

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-7

In Episode7, we learn about our sister star, MiThos and the planets that circle this Binary Star. 

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-8

What will be the next evolution to Higher Intelligence?

Episode8 delves into this and finishes by taking you on a Grand Adventure to the most geologically unique Exomoon in our Systems.

And much more…