1. Plato’s New Republic

The New Land Rush

Space Life is a breathtaking adventure.  Asteroid Travel has become a very popular path for many of our people. AT has become an expedient way to reach all three solar systems in a alluring manner. Asteroids as home bases are also far easier logistically than a massive planet. 

A major land rush came into existence as new worlds became the destination for many.  Some choose living in one place and becoming involved in hands-on experiences utilizing enduring terraform projects and exotic genetic technologies. A more permanent habitat… A place they can call home.

Others choose the exploration of  multiple wonders of a trinary star system. Whether one chose a planet, a moon, an asteroid, or even multiple asteroids crossing our three stars, home could be anywhere.  Some of us call one world home and others call the stars home. Migrating through the asteroids was the more expedient and preferred choice of those who wanted the latter.  There was ample real estate in asteroids. 

For the first time in perhaps tens of thousands of years, dating back to the time when we had left our equator and migrated north, there are not enough people for all the available land.

The Space Frontier has been waiting for it’s children to come home.

Plenty of room for everyone. No more need for wars to possess land.

We have become a race of Space Nomads of a CosmoCratic Society

Economic Revolution

Less than 100 years ago scientists and developmental thinkers warned that civilization was faced with a perfect storm of ecological and social problems driven by overpopulation, overconsumption, and environmentally baleful technologies.

The difficult economic times were understandable given the misguided values of economics. There needed to be a deep fundamental restructuring of the economic principles in the current global system.

In the face of absolutely unprecedented crisis facing our civilization, The Interstellar Mining Foundation had no choice but to take dramatic action to avert a collapse of civilization. Either DianToz had to change and build an entirely new kind of global civilization, or face catastrophic consequences.

The Interstellar Mining Foundation could have held everybody hostage with its incredible wealth and power, instead, in its benevolence IMF came to the rescue. IMF had prepared well. These were the most successful and altruistic business people on the planet who enacted wisely.

By this time the world was moving towards globalization anyway as each nation became interdependent with all the others. When the revolution came, it was a peaceful series of events for most of the planet. There were a few rogue nation states who rebelled. But these despots had dwindling wealth and powers that were no match for The Great Transformation.

Soon all of DianToz was becoming united in a central cause that was always intended and dreamed about, but never fully realized. The great majority of DianToz was becoming a middle class that finally had a voice.

Author’s Corner

Dear Readers and Listeners,

Ever since I can remember I have always gravitated towards philosophy.

In greek the word “philo” means love and “sophy or sophia” means wisdom.

I have always been a “what if” kind of thinker and have always gravitated towards others who believe as I do.

I don’t know if it is because of my ethnicity being Greek,and the fact my lineage traces back to The Island Of Samos considered a hotbed of Philosophers.

Pythagoras, Epicurus and Aristarchus came from Samos. Pythagoras is considered the Father of Philosophy and Aristarchus realized the Earth traveled around the sun 2000 years before Copernicus. And that was without a telescope!

I write because I believe in Humanity.    I believe in Greatness!  And I believe our Destiny lies among the Stars.

So here is a modern day version of “Plato’s New Republic”,                             if I may be so bold. 


“What gives human value is not our physical substance, but what we are thinking and feeling. 

We are beings that make plans and form bonds with other beings. We create art and enjoy art, and love to build and grow. We evolve inherently…”

Enjoy my Friends…

R. Damon Lignos

Sci-Fi Blogger,  Sci-Fi PodCaster, and Philosopher at your Service…


The Dark Times

At one pivotal point in our history the mightiest nation amongst us was engulfed in a great struggle for power.

It was the beacon republic of DianToz, formed as a melting pot of races from around the planet. It was a sovereign nation founded on equality for all races.

In the beginning of The New Era,  there came to power a dark growing shadow that stirred up hate and  fear of others.  The Dark Side won control of the great nation of Hellas and caused great concern among the world leaders of DianToz.

At first there was great disbelief. A sense of hopelessness had washed over those who opposed this anathema . Many who had fought long and hard for change were ready to give up.  Those of diversity within this great nation and around the world, who were accustomed to one paradigm of hope and tolerance were now faced with growing intolerance. Their worst nightmare was now becoming a reality.

But as the grief was processed, there also grew a new found strength and lessons to be learned. Every defeat moving forward, every loss of programs and entitlements brought forth a new seed of discontent and unfamiliar alliances were forged in the battle for equality and diversity.

It was just a matter of time before dissimilarity became the touchstone. An awakening heard around the globe began to take place.






The Great Transformation

Space is The Final Frontier….How did our civilization get to this timeline without  destroying ourselves?

It all began with The Great Transformation that brought about dramatic changes to our home world. In the beginning it was the beneficent Space Billionaires, who created the International Mining Federation which then created the WRCC(World ReCreation Council). 

New generations were introduced to abundant resources and opportunities. These First and 2nd Generations were transformed, allowing them to flourish.

As the movement transpired, some in our species were unsure on how to handle this new world order.
Others were frightened by an unknown future
But as the first and 2nd generations of Diantoz grew in stature, our people began to envision great possibilities.

Just over our horizon lies an indelible transfiguration that will metamorph our world forever.

Our species have ended one era and have embarked on a New Era.
We have embraced this New Era which has created a Grand New Reality.
Many on our world thought it would never be possible.
Many fought passionately against the changes.
Yet, in spite of the great odds…We have survived as a civilization and made many dreams become a reality.
We have reached Celestial Heaven.
How did we accomplish such an endeavor?
Let us begin as we share our many Grand Adventures with you…

The Space Billionaires

Let us begin at a historic movement that was put forth by certain visionary men and women (many of whom were billionaires at the time).  

Since the major cause of all the world’s problems was money driven, These eminent leaders decided that the most dramatic and effective method to address this, was by investing in space mining. 

As the fossil fuel era ended, the New Era began to lift our world from many conflicts and disparity. The Great Change that came to our people could not have happened without The Space Billionaires generous endowments worldwide. 

The new Space Billionaires were not shackled like many greedy corporations and squabbling and inept governments. Instead, these ambitious yet benevolent and insightful men and women poured untold investment capital into research and development to make space travel commonplace.

Space Technology grew by leaps and bounds, and as a result; space mining became the most preeminent industry on DianToz. The return on profit was mind-boggling. The riches were beyond anything anyone ever could have imagined. There were enough minerals found in just one small asteroid that could power a major city for decades.   

The Space Frontier made  trillionaires out of the benevolent billionaires who had no time for petty politicians who were soon swept away by the new world order.

The International Mining Federation

The International Mining Federation was created by philanthropic billionaires to develop a methodology of gathering resources in space.  It was the passionate dedication and tireless effort put forth by many of the world’s great scientist and engineers that brought the IMF to life.

The first mission of IMF was creating Project MineStar.

Mining for precious metals has dramatically changed our world for the better.

Many advancements flourished because of this domino effect.

Generous funding from the World Re>Creation Council brought forth genetic advancements that are paving the way to immortality.

Our grandparents will see our children as Godlike indeed.

We are changing DianToz into a Utopian Society. 

Though the initial investment has been great, there can be no price placed on the returns which will be of a far greater magnitude beyond just profit. Project MineStar will ultimately free Diankind from future monetary limitations and restrictions.

In uniting as a species, we now control our destiny in a manner never before undertaken. That we can now, rescue ourselves from our past mistakes is unprecedented.  

There is one other notable  blessing that  comes from this endeavor.

I will leave you with one final thought that comforts the people of DianToz late at night…. who can better save the world from a catastrophic asteroid impact, than our own  Interstellar Mining Foundation?



The World Re>Creation Council

The Great Transformation was aided by a series of events put forth by the philanthropic Interstellar Mining Foundation.

An epic decision was constituted by these exalted philanthropist that propelled DianToz to the next level- the creation of The World Re>Creation Council.

Star Day 2058: 

The year the Interstellar Mining Foundation established a new governing body.

The World Re>Creation Council comes into power. Due to the well-disposed intention of The IMF, resources were allotted to create a world council made up of creative, brilliant, genuine, and compassionate minds from many walks of life with no political gain or monetary influence.

Since many of the great maladies of the past century were being eradicated, most decisions being made were now concerned with long term benefits for Diankind.

As the world progressed on its journey to enlightenment, the WR>CC became a great influence and became revered for its advisory capacity.

The Founding Benefactors

For the first time in its history Diankind had unlimited resources.

For the first time in it’s history there was a united world council that had full cooperation and understanding of the four remaining nations.  The united front had fashioned a utopic paradise.

This united front was known as The WRCC: The World ReCreation Council.

The WRCC was not a political party, but a spiritual fellowship composed of many of the world’s great leaders, who were visionary and wealthy entrepreneurs. They were everything but politicians, and had no personal gain. They only advised and motivated DianKind.

They were the new founding fathers and mothers of a great CosmoCratic Society for the betterment of DianToz.

They were the founding benefactors who were diversified and understood long-term thinking.

They were the new Renaissance men and women.


StarDay 2058

StarDay 2058-Preamble Transcript put forth at The 4Unions~ World Conference

Team members of Project MineStar and esteemed representatives of The 4Unions~

I bid you welcome to the 2058- 4Unions~ World Conference.(applause)

We have been preparing for this day as long as our species can remember, a period in time where the world of DianKind can realize peace. Many sacrifices were made along the way, too many to mention.  Our gratitude to The World Re>Creation Council for coalescing ideas and strategies through CapaCloudand TI(TronicIntelligence). 

We have opened all doors to our hopes and dreams.

All for one reason… to continue the ongoing preparation of bringing us into a new era of prosperity for the betterment of DianKind.       

Let us unite as a planet! (applause)

The World of DianToz recognizes Project MineStar. As you are all well aware, one of the primary initial goals for Project MineStar has been to search for and harvest mineral wealth such as platinum and other useful metals that have become depleted here on DianToz. Just as important, has been our search for water for future space exploration. 

My respected colleagues, this is only the dawn of where this Grand Venture will take us.  As promised and defined to the people of DianToz, our plan is to generously invest the wealth from this endeavor with all of Diankind.  (Applause)

And the most exciting part about this, my esteemed colleagues, is that this non-profit entreprise is becoming the most profitable project ever undertaken by our people. (applause)The majority of the proceeds                are being generously allocated to every need possible.  We have addressed basic needs such as Food, Shelter, and Educational Resources to funding massive spatial projects put forth by visionaries  who are fulfilling many aspirations!  And still….so much more…..

There is a amazing  revolution at hand! (applause)From emergency relief to building new infrastructures , through various investments and educational  programs such as The 5th Generation, the resources have become available now to help whatever the challenge is. It is an exciting time to be alive! (applause)

Proceeds also will be generously allocated for continued clean energy.  Strong funding will be advanced to expand research and development projects for tronic intelligence for the next century. Our implementation process is designed for long term planning and growth that will benefit all nations of  Diantoz.

Our new world space infrastructure can and has become the beacon that will build a new foundation for world peace.. (applause)and launch us to the stars!(Applause)