1. The Dark Times

Economic Revolution

Less than 100 years ago scientists and developmental thinkers warned that civilization was faced with a perfect storm of ecological and social problems driven by overpopulation, overconsumption, and environmentally baleful technologies.

The difficult economic times were understandable given the misguided values of economics. There needed to be a deep fundamental restructuring of the economic principles in the current global system.

In the face of absolutely unprecedented crisis facing our civilization, The Interstellar Mining Foundation had no choice but to take dramatic action to avert a collapse of civilization. Either DianToz had to change and build an entirely new kind of global civilization, or face catastrophic consequences.

The Interstellar Mining Foundation could have held everybody hostage with its incredible wealth and power, instead, in its benevolence IMF came to the rescue. IMF had prepared well. These were the most successful and altruistic business people on the planet who enacted wisely.

By this time the world was moving towards globalization anyway as each nation became interdependent with all the others. When the revolution came, it was a peaceful series of events for most of the planet. There were a few rogue nation states who rebelled. But these despots had dwindling wealth and powers that were no match for The Great Transformation.

Soon all of DianToz was becoming united in a central cause that was always intended and dreamed about, but never fully realized. The great majority of DianToz was becoming a middle class that finally had a voice.

The Dark Times

At one pivotal point in our history the mightiest nation amongst us was engulfed in a great struggle for power.

It was the beacon republic of DianToz, formed as a melting pot of races from around the planet. It was a sovereign nation founded on equality for all races.

In the beginning of The New Era,  there came to power a dark growing shadow that stirred up hate and  fear of others.  The Dark Side won control of the great nation of Hellas and caused great concern among the world leaders of DianToz.

At first there was great disbelief. A sense of hopelessness had washed over those who opposed this anathema . Many who had fought long and hard for change were ready to give up.  Those of diversity within this great nation and around the world, who were accustomed to one paradigm of hope and tolerance were now faced with growing intolerance. Their worst nightmare was now becoming a reality.

But as the grief was processed, there also grew a new found strength and lessons to be learned. Every defeat moving forward, every loss of programs and entitlements brought forth a new seed of discontent and unfamiliar alliances were forged in the battle for equality and diversity.

It was just a matter of time before dissimilarity became the touchstone. An awakening heard around the globe began to take place.