3. The History of Asteroid Mining

The Space Billionaires

Let us begin at a historic movement that was put forth by certain visionary men and women (many of whom were billionaires at the time).  

Since the major cause of all the world’s problems was money driven, These eminent leaders decided that the most dramatic and effective method to address this, was by investing in space mining. 

As the fossil fuel era ended, the New Era began to lift our world from many conflicts and disparity. The Great Change that came to our people could not have happened without The Space Billionaires generous endowments worldwide. 

The new Space Billionaires were not shackled like many greedy corporations and squabbling and inept governments. Instead, these ambitious yet benevolent and insightful men and women poured untold investment capital into research and development to make space travel commonplace.

Space Technology grew by leaps and bounds, and as a result; space mining became the most preeminent industry on DianToz. The return on profit was mind-boggling. The riches were beyond anything anyone ever could have imagined. There were enough minerals found in just one small asteroid that could power a major city for decades.   

The Space Frontier made  trillionaires out of the benevolent billionaires who had no time for petty politicians who were soon swept away by the new world order.

The International Mining Federation

The International Mining Federation was created by philanthropic billionaires to develop a methodology of gathering resources in space.  It was the passionate dedication and tireless effort put forth by many of the world’s great scientist and engineers that brought the IMF to life.

The first mission of IMF was creating Project MineStar.

Mining for precious metals has dramatically changed our world for the better.

Many advancements flourished because of this domino effect.

Generous funding from the World Re>Creation Council brought forth genetic advancements that are paving the way to immortality.

Our grandparents will see our children as Godlike indeed.

We are changing DianToz into a Utopian Society. 

Though the initial investment has been great, there can be no price placed on the returns which will be of a far greater magnitude beyond just profit. Project MineStar will ultimately free Diankind from future monetary limitations and restrictions.

In uniting as a species, we now control our destiny in a manner never before undertaken. That we can now, rescue ourselves from our past mistakes is unprecedented.  

There is one other notable  blessing that  comes from this endeavor.

I will leave you with one final thought that comforts the people of DianToz late at night…. who can better save the world from a catastrophic asteroid impact, than our own  Interstellar Mining Foundation?



Untold Riches, Robot Factories and more…

Once Project MineStar became operational  it didn’t take long to reap untold riches from the asteroids.  These were untold riches not predicted. And the wealth was delivered in a unexpected way.  As a result a majority middle class of the world came to be.

One of the most profound changes was the creation of an epic generation of self replicating robots for The MineStar Project. Each generation that was created after Gen1 involved no monetary investment.  Labor and Materials in space were free because the only logical economics was a bartering methodology. Amazingly simple and abundant, the robots multipled.  3D Printing of a higher dimension.  An unprecedented endeavor because of a united world…

We have created financial  freedom without money.

It is a wealth that has become available to everybody on our home world.

We are a society where all our basic needs are considered a birthright.

The Four Unions of DianToz were in an uproar of approval.

Robot factories were begetting more robot factories.  One of the types of starships that Tronic>I was building, was the Hydro>Photonic Shipper , a life sustaining vessel that could travel through our star systems traveling at speeds of up to 30,000 MPH (48,000  KMH )without any cost or expense.

Sending a fleet of StarShips to other planets and moons was now a reality.