2. The New Age of Wizards

Habitable Asteroids

The World ReCreation Council had recommended that it would be vastly more resource-efficient to convert asteroids into livable bases than converting entire planets.  It was a natural evolution from mining the asteroids in the late 2060’s to actually developing livable colonies for the 70’s and beyond.

Since the Alpha1 System contains 100’s of thousands of such asteroids, they can support an unlimited population and provide abounding resources.  Each asteroid of choice was made ready with it’s own climate controlled environment, using a fraction of the effort and time compared to planetary colonization.  One could settle on one asteroid and travel to many worlds with ease. 

One such asteroid was Cerium.

Cerium was a spinning habitat that accommodated a few hundred thousand inhabitants. It was designed to soon house millions. 

This tiny planetoid was primarily developed by using raw material that was mined on site. Whenever certain materials weren’t available, they were shipped from neighboring asteroids. This type of construction eliminated one of the major expenses of space colonization; the cost of lifting millions of tons of building materials into space from a planet.

 TI was perfectly suited to the task..

There really wasn’t anything TI couldn’t build, all one had to do was request it. With unparalleled precision, the vast army of drones TI created were invariably busy with new construction projects.

Space Real Estate became a passion for all who desired it.



The Rise of The Fifth Generation

The Rise of The 5th Generation

One of the first acts of the WRCC was to create a more select educational system.

The 5th Generation Movement came into being and was instrumental in The Great Reformation.

With resources bountiful and robotics changing the concept of work, effectual education flourished. 

Genome sequencing had increased IQ achievements to astounding levels. 

Savant-like capabilities of the highest order, were becoming ever-present as well as  extraordinary recollection of past events, even memories of of past generations.

Our species was developing accelerated  thinking and calculation. We now had the ability for wizard-like geometric visualization, leading us to even deeper conceptualizations.  The Fifth Generation of DianToz began to perform new levels of computational analyses. They had created new pathways of thinking in higher dimensions.

The Fifth Generations unique evolution had achieved preeminence partnership with Tronic`I.

Fifth Generation Epigenetics

To achieve the topmost level of intelligence in our species, genetic enhancements became commonplace. As scientist began editing the human genome, they gradually increased the favorable genetic variant of the IQ alleles in each of the Five Generations.

Genome sequencing had increased IQ achievements to astounding levels. 

Savant-like capabilities of the highest order, were becoming ever-present as well as  extraordinary recollection of past events.

By the time The 5th Generation was born, the children of DianToz were performing calculations to rival TI. Mathematical equations were created using wizard-like geometric visualization, generating even more advanced dimensions.

The Five Generations were now exhibiting the ability to think in parallel time and execute multiple analyses and trains of thought.

We have learned to control our dreams, our IQ is over 1000.

Through the science of epigenetics, we remember experiences from past generations.

Though TI is still superior in some ways, such as speed of computational analysis and physical durability, the people of DianToz have developed enhanced physical super abilities and possess profound visionary and thinking powers.

The Alpha Scouts

As Space Technology grew in exponential advancements, a great benediction was the creation of the first pioneers in space, The Alpha Scouts. 

Most of The Alpha Scouts are of the Fifth Generation, though the opportunity is open to all others who are not of the Fifth Families. 

The Alpha Scout’s mission and purpose has been to create and establish a roadmap through the entire Trinary System. This exciting trail of exploration is being streamed through live feeds as the OMNet reaches deeper into the celestial heavens.

Since the Alpha Scouts have begun their research expeditions, we are discovering many fascinating worlds within our three star systems .

One of the most astonishing worlds The Alpha Scouts have visited, is a World that harbors Jurassic sea life. We call this world BluGuyse.  Colossal and extravagant marine creatures are found on this paleo world.

There is also a Moon called FenGarr that has the most exotic plants ever imagined(only to be guarded by incredibly territorial humanoid size insects).  

These are but a few of the many worlds the Alpha Scouts have visited.

BaLo_ A Jurrassic Water World Creature

Orbiting our Sister Sun Mithos, is a wondrous prehistoric water world named BluGuyse.  Here endures a planet where 95% of the surface is covered in a salt water ocean.  Within this sea world live multifarious creatures both microscopic and massive in size.

One of them is a gargantuan yet gentle creature called The BaLo…

Alpha Scout EgNau was observing The BaLo Species, a massive sea creature the size of a mega-cruise ship.  The 16 Staras tall creature loomed high above the vast ocean.

The BaLo even had a Booming Crimson Protrusion, that extended ever upwards emitting a deep guttural voice that symphonized harmonic sounds as it traversed the seas.

Alpha Scout EgNau stared in awe at the otherworldly being, feeling humbled by its immense size. EgNau and her PA slowly brought the SeaCopter down to the surface of the sea, hovering just a short distance away .

The BaLo had an Outer Shell that was a reflection of how evolution had taken a unique turn with this aquatic arthropod.  It’s surrounding crust had the strength of granite yet underneath this Behemoth Crustacean was a soft and squidlike body.

As we slowly descended into the sea we watched with great fascination as hundreds of far-reaching tentacles stretched deep into the ocean offering natures version of fishing lines.

Small fish, lured by the kelp-like appearance would rush up to feed, attracted by the glittery reflection in the water.

As soon as they took a bite from the tentacles, they would stick to the large sticky appendages powerless in it’s grasp.

After a period of time, the BaLo would sense the weight hanging on one of it’s tentacles and reel it up like a large thin tongue into one of it’s hundreds of mouth like openings.

The BaLo was a visible testament to the mammoth creatures that cohabited the world of BluGuyse.


A Cosmic Roller Coaster

Imagine traveling in a space craft deep within the caverns and tunnels of a CryoVolcano on a distant moon at speeds equal to a supersonic roller coaster.  

As you breathtakingly speed along,  you are thrust to the summit’s peak and expeditiously launched into a planetoid orbit  surrounded by an interstellar borealis created by the ice crystals of the CryoVolcano. 

Imagine viewing a backdrop of billions of stars as your space pod is swept into its own orbit created by the dynamo force of the mountain.

As if that isn’t enough, you then finish your journey by becoming immersed in the awe inspiring rings of Norsoom. 

It is the our Way of life, fellow residents of our Galaxy.

                       It is the Way of our People.

Space Travel has become the commodity and commonality for all of Diankind.

                Space Travel will bring us Immortality.

 We were destined to be a Super Race that travels the stars.

Space Travel has become The Transcendent Journey for the People of DianToz.


                         Come join us People of Earth

Asteroid World Sorus

 StarDay 6-2094

Here is a story from a young woman named JanDa from her home world Sorus:

JanDa was one of the first to be born on Sorus, a large planetoid located in the Montah Belt in the Alpha 1 System.  My home is in a star studded valley that nestles among dazzling mountains and deep majestic canyons. Our basin is enclosed in a self-sufficient and protected environment. Thanks to the continued evolution of nanotechnology and other similar discoveries we live safe among the stars. 

Our energy is endless because Nuclear Fusion-Staar Power is our choice. You see, on Sorus our scientist have created our own miniature sun, nothing as big as the mother sun, but big enough to give us a warm temperate climate during the day and cool crisp evenings at night.  

We experience artificial rotation. It allows us to view the universe at night like never before seen on even the home world.  TI was even able to slow down the rotation so as to have the same hours in a day as the mother planet. All the satellite  worlds (as we call them)have 26 hour days.

For the first time in our history, our species is migrating to the stars. We are calling other worlds home. It had been so much easier to develop real estate on asteroids than planets. Especially in the Montah Belt.

With TI mining the asteroids for untold riches, creating a sustainable environment was the next natural step to colonization. My Daddio said it was far more effective than trying to terraform a planet.

In the beginning, we were driven as a species on colonizing other worlds instead of asteroids.  Planetoids become a popular preferred choice among many.

An asteroid is an island among the sea of stars, my Daddio use to say.  He has always said to me you can feel the physical energy of the universe so much better. “You are so much more a part of the stars, he would say to me, especially when you’ve climbed a mountain peak and you can see the curvature of the small planet”. 

There is something that changes you forever deep within your soul when you are this close to the universe. 

At night our home feels like a ship crossing a vast ocean of stars…

WindSurfing on OuRannos

A unique pilgrimage coveted by thrill seekers…

One of the more noteworthy expeditions found among our three stars are the extreme rides of OuRannos. 

Many of The First Alpha Scouts who entered this exotic world were understandably animated with the discovery of wind surfing on OuRannos.

Undertaking the mighty winds on this sphere is unlike any other wind surfing found in The Tri-Star System, because OuRannos, is a planet of hydrogen and helium. 

OuRannos has no solid surface.

Upon entering the outer atmosphere the first explorers to venture in this exotic realm become immersed in a kaleidoscope of colors, that were constantly shifting in rhythmic patterns almost as if they were alive.

As the Scouts submerged themselves deeper into the layers of the atmosphere, the surrounding clouds were growing denser and began to luminate as the temperature plummeted.

“The burst of colors began to morph into aqua green hues as we went deeper into OuRannos,” one Alpha Scout wrote, “We then watched as our surroundings turned to a deep hazy blue that seemed more dream than real.”

There are no obstructions to the high winds, that can burst to 700 mph in one direction, then quickly alter course in a completely clashing trajectory.

There are three ways to participate in this endeavor:

One.  Let Mother OuRannos guide you. Many have spoken of a presence of a spiritual nature as if the wind was alive.

Two.  Let Tronic*I be your guide. Experience a relatively unfettered experience, pure thrill.

Three.  Be your own guide. By far the most challenging of the three.   Pitted against the most powerful forces the galaxy has to offer.

All have worthy outcomes.

Many have come away from the adventure claiming a spiritual presence had contacted them.

The Diamond Planet

WatiGua-has eight times the mass of DianToz, and three times the radius. WatiGua averages temperatures around 1700 °C as it circles MiTaz our 2nd sun. Watigua is indeed one of the hotter planets. But what makes this particular heavenly body uncommon, is the fact that the crust of WatiGua is covered in graphite and diamond rather than water and granite. WatiGua is known as a carbon planet.

This Diamond planet has a deep core that consist of a solid steel-iron alloy. This inner core spins at a different speed than the rest the planet. This is what causes WatiGua’s magnetic field. 

When the solar wind blows upon WatiGua’s magnetic poles, the molecules from the hot atmosphere create an unceasing borealis. Surrounding the core is a deep layer that is mixed of molten silicon carbide and titanium carbide. 

Covering this carbide lava is a layer of carbon in the form of graphite, which is intermixed with a kilometers-thick substratum of diamond that becomes created from the tremendous pressure from within.

During seismic eruptions, huge diamond boulders from deep within the interior, thrust majestically upwards till they reach the surface; giving new birth to mountains of diamonds and silicon carbides. Frozen lakes of liquid hydrocarbons such as tar, methane and carbon monoxide pepper the surface.

A  Rare Jewell of a Planet in any galaxy.

The KalaZo Star Cluster

Located a few hundred light years from your planet earth is a collection of stars that offers a haven of astonishing wonders.  Perhaps 1,000 suns are within this star cluster, traveling through the galaxy bound together by cosmic forces.

Each star carries its own set of planets, residing in a neighborhood of multiple solar systems.  Every planet within this Star Cluster has a dazzling night sky…one much more closely populated than the night sky of your own home world.  These stars are part of a Celestial Family, billions of years old. 

The Original Creator favored this star cluster, blessing it with optimal opportunities for life to exist.  Within this star cluster are found planets and moons circling the habitable zone, some harboring unique and astonishing forms of life. 

Located outside each solar habitation zone, are a sweeping collection of mythical moons. Some, just like within your own star system, offer hideaways of subterranean oceans filled with exotic species.

Other planetoids in the solar zone are sanctuaries to botanical gardens of Eden.  Some star systems even have Jurassic water worlds. 

Fascinating possibilities abound.

The KalaZo Star Cluster is home to one Majestic Adventure after another.