2.a Our Three Star System

The SoVran System

 Alpha First The Star-SoVran  The closest planet that circles SoVran is a planet called MeGron which was once a gas giant.  As the eons passed, the gravitational pull of SoVran brought it ever so close to the parent star, and the result was the atmosphere was roasted away, leaving only a rocky, metallic core. Molten…

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The MiThoz System

Alpha II-MiThos YenNaar is a gas giant that orbits very close to MiThoz, our 2nd star. As a result of this close proximity to MiThoz, the surface temperatures of YenNaar exceeds 700C (1300F).  The great intensity of MiThoz’s nuclear furnace was too much for YenNaar as the ice giant was drawn closer to her mother…

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The TeLios System

Alpha Proxima>The Red Dwarf>TeLios The closest Planet that orbits our third star is known to us as WatiGua. WatiGua is a small rocky planet similar in mass of DianToz, and twice the radius. The planet’s average temperature is 1700 °C.  Indeed one of the hotter planets in the Tri-System. What makes this particular heavenly body…

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