8. The Alpha Religion

The Birth of The Alpha Religion

Deep in the heart of our galaxy there exist an ancient star system known as Cetus(Cetus is located in The Whale Constellation as named by Ancient Greek Astronomers). Within this star system are found perhaps the oldest planets in The Milky Way.  Cetus is some 375 light years from Earth and approximately 440 light years…

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God has left the Building

The AnteDeluvian Travelers as omnipotent as they were, evolved from similar origins as many species in the galaxy. They were made of the same carbon and molecules…the same stardust.    What made The Ancient Travelers different was the fact that their civilization  was far older and further evolved along the galactic timeline. Ultimately, The Ancient…

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A New Awakening

The Alpha Religion evolved as did everything else on DianToz. The religious and spiritual leaders began to understand the importance of focusing on the here and now as a stairway to a Celestial Heaven.  Creating a Utopian society was becoming a reality. In The Alpha Religion, civics and spirituality walk the same path. Ideals and…

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The Alpha Religion and The Soul

The timeline of immortality can be mystifying, yet there will come a time when all the souls of the world that have ever lived… will meet again.  (As if from a great sleep),There will be an awakening within each soul and a great collective celestial event will evolve into existence.  The deep pain and suffering…

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A Higher Purpose

The higher purpose of The Alpha Religion is to achieve immortality as a species. The journey to immortality begins with envisioning a Life that can be something far more positive and wonderful. We inherently have that realization deep within us. We have the power to undertake such a transformation.  In the DianToz timeline, we are…

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The Message is the Same and then again it isn’t

Intelligent species have always hungered for some kind of spiritual connection. It is inherited in our DNA. It is especially important that this bond be unshakeable and offer salvation.  The Ancient Holy books and other sacred testaments shared fundamental truths, and their purpose was to communicate on a level all people could understand.  In the ancient…

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