4. DianToz

Space Travel-The Ultimate Vacation

Space Mining revolutionized world currency and world power. The impact on Diankind was profound and far reaching.  For the first time in our history, wealth and comfort became the standard for many. As the world grew in great riches, something wonderful happened. Senseless Terrorism lost its hold on the poor and young. Terrorists Training Camps…

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The DianToz Rainbow

Our view of the the universe is atypical from the Earth night sky. We have two suns that grace our sphere with light and we have a third sun that is far brighter than any star seen on earth. We have day, we have night and we have a period of time that is neither…

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Celestial Cousins

As different as our own trinary star system is from your uniquely single star system, there are ethereal similarities between the people of Earth and DianToz. We have wondered (while observing your planet), if there is the possibility you are from the same primordial soup that we are. Could we be Celestial Cousins?           Like your species, our species originally…

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