6.c Planets

The Diamond Planet

WatiGua-has eight times the mass of DianToz, and three times the radius. WatiGua averages temperatures around 1700 °C as it circles MiTaz our 2nd sun. Watigua is indeed one of the hotter planets. But what makes this particular heavenly body uncommon, is the fact that the crust of WatiGua is covered in graphite and diamond rather…

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BanGe is the 2nd closest planet to our first star, SoVran. BanGe is known as an Expansion Planet because of its massive radius and shallow density.  Intense solar heat from SoVran combined with internal heating within BanGe created the perfect storm that became the major contributor to inflating the atmosphere. The final piece of this mix is the part that the stellar…

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Planet of The Islands

One of the planets orbiting our third sun Telios, is BeLise BeLise is about 1.2 times larger than DianToz. Like all planets and moons, Belise has been subjected to major impacts from asteroids, at various times in its history.  The antiquity of BeLise is filled with countless mass extinctions, forcing the origin of life in a perpetual reboot.  In some of these…

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