Planet of The Islands

One of the planets orbiting our third sun Telios, is BeLise

BeLise is about 1.2 times larger than DianToz. Like all planets and moons, Belise has been subjected to major impacts from asteroids, at various times in its history.  The antiquity of BeLise is filled with countless mass extinctions, forcing the origin of life in a perpetual reboot.  In some of these epoch extinctions, BeLise was left with only microscopic organisms.

In our current timeline, BeLise has evolved into a world of abundant plant, animal, and sea life.

Regrettably, there was never enough time for a higher intelligence to evolve on land. 

One side of the planet was battered particularly hard, so much so; that collective impacts of the asteroids did not allow any continents to form. Instead, you will find a world dotted with islands on the one half, and only the boundless ocean on the far side of the world. 

Because BeLise is a world where half of the planet is covered with legions of islands, here is home to arguably the most alluring beaches in The Tri-System.  We refer to BeLise as “Planet of the Islands”.

BeLise has 3 moons, with the largest moon MaTos having it’s very own set of rings around it.  Many believe “The Rings of MaTos” to be one of The Great Wonders of The Tri-System.

Sailing the alien, exotic seas at night with the Rings of MaTos visible in the night sky is considered a spiritual treasure. It is said(according to The Alpha Scout Archives) that upon frequenting this Sphere of wonder, one is imbued with a transcendental odyssey.