The Great Transformation would not have been possible without CapaCloud.  CapaCloud brought forth an alliance among the new generations that replaced old prejudices with truth and good will.

Social Communication had embraced a new zenith.

The palpability of CapaCloud is how social communication has become a primary source of governance. 

This singular form of network has united our species.  

The algorithms of CapaCloud are traveling to the stars with us. 

Our unity has been mitigated by our spiritual belief in The Alpha Religion which guides us as ideas are introduced worldwide and throughout our sun systems.

Through genetic enhancements, the Fifth Generation Families have exhibited creative greatness and unfettered fulfillment. Through The CapaCloud, this has created a commonality among our people.

This commonality brought forth coinciding goals. Within a few generations our species have eliminated major diseases, hunger and wars.  

With a more compassionate and understanding form of discourse at our disposal, utopian lifestyles have become the destiny for all.


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