Message From DianToz-The New Battlefront 7/17/2120


People of Earth

You are again at a crossroads in your timeline.

Your existence continues to evolve and is wondrous in so many ways, yet those among you continue to exhibit fear and mistrust of your fellow species. The struggle for some (within your culture) to accept Globalization is the root of the problem.

This is the new battlefront for your people.

Your history is full of periods in the struggle for food, water, and mineral resources, resulting many times in war and destruction. But those challenges can easily be solved as a collective people.

Science is within your grasp to provide solutions for all humanity. And the reality cannot be denied… science and technology are revolutionizing your very existence.

And it is happening whether some of you accept it or not.

Humanity has been on the brink of extinction many times  But you survive and continue to learn. That is the Greatness in you. Your species has come far.

There is a Celestial Future awaiting your species.

This is your biggest challenge.

Trust in Science.

Human History will show this timeline as The Final Globalization of your species.

For your planet has had many periods of Globalization. Your drive to explore in search for riches and trade in distant lands fills your history. It is in your DNA to explore.

 Yet, in today’s timeline you have those among you who do not recognize the absolute necessity of Globalization in order to achieve Mankind’s Ultimate Quest.

And that is to reach the stars.

A Celestial Destiny awaits you.

We are waiting for you.


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