S-2 MiniPod-1 KalaZo Star Cluster

It’s an exciting concept!The same length as a song, written like a song with a message. Check out our new Mini-pods!

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The First Generation

The World ReCreation Council (following the recommendation of many educators worldwide) adopted what became known as  The Primary Principle which was applied to The First Generation.  From the beginning of it’s young life each child was encouraged to follow his or her curiosity and passions. As they matured they were guided systematically to develop the…

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God has left the Building

The AnteDeluvian Travelers as omnipotent as they were, evolved from similar origins as many species in the galaxy. They were made of the same carbon and molecules…the same stardust.    What made The Ancient Travelers different was the fact that their civilization  was far older and further evolved along the galactic timeline. Ultimately, The Ancient…

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