The Chronicles of DianToz

The Chronicles of DianToz-Episode 1

The Weekly Epistle -7:1:21- Learn about the true origins of the people of DianToz and how they are Celestial Cousins to the people of Earth!

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Episode 2 – Chronicles of DianToz

The Weekly Epistle -7:7:21- Continue the Space Odyssey as we learn about The Three Rings of DianToz and how they benefit Diankind...

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Episode 3 – Chronicles of DianToz

The Weekly Epistle-7:21:21 How did Homo Heidelbergensis arrive on DianToz? Who are ancient travelers known as The AnteDeluvians and what role did they play in the evolution of the Galaxy?

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Come join us on a Science and ScienceFiction Space Odyssey that explores the world of today and tomorrow! Damon’s Brave New World has just released the first episode of a 5 part Podcast mini-series where we present thought provoking ideas about Space Mining, Space elevators, Exoplanets, Subterranean Water Worlds and even God’s Prime Directive. Welcome to The Greatest Science Fiction Podcast on Earth and in The Galaxy!