The IClonn

Promus is one of VenTua’s moons and on this moon is an exposed vast frozen surface. Deep beneath this veneer lies a ocean… a salt-water ocean. This ocean is not much different from the other subterranean seaways found in our systems…except for one particular phenomenon. 

There is no natural sunlight that penetrates this isolated world. It is a dark alien environment. Within this salt water and sulfur based ocean, there exist a legendary creature called the IClonn, a creature of great transparency. It is somewhat oval in shape, and has a giant eye sitting on top of its torso. 

There is no head, no nose, no ears visible, just an enormous eye sitting on top of gelatin-like body. 

An amazing feature about this large transparent eye is that, it swivels completely around, completely encased in a rayless rounded eyelid that opens and closes, somewhat similar to the roof of an observatory that looks to the stars at night. 

It can be quite startling when the eyelid opens and you find yourself staring at the most extraordinary of living organisms. The inside lining of the eye is covered by special light -sensing cells that peer for miles into the darkness of this alien moon. The body is oval shaped like an egg and yet somehow at times it will appear very round and surprisingly firm. Connected to the body are multiple appendages of various sizes. These appendages are used for smell, taste and even hearing the vibrations of the world around this unique creature.

The cyclopean eye is encased within a luminous body. When the IClonn senses danger or wants to surprise a prey, this translucent being makes dim its glow and becomes unobservable in the dark.

When early probes discovered these peculiar creatures, they sadly found out that by showing a light on the IClonn, the illumination created so much pain to The IClonn that in may instances it would mortally wound the creature. 

The IClonn’s vision is so dynamic that it can pierce the darkness for several kilometers(miles) across the oceans in different wavelengths.

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