The Message is the Same and then again it isn’t

Intelligent species have always hungered for some kind of spiritual connection. It is inherited in our DNA.

It is especially important that this bond be unshakeable and offer salvation. 

The Ancient Holy books and other sacred testaments shared fundamental truths, and their purpose was to communicate on a level all people could understand. 

In the ancient world of DianToz, the people were illiterate, frightened and understood little about the natural world. Life was simple, and survival was toilsome. 

Thousands of Star Years ago, The AnteDeluvian Travelers sent emissaries throughout the galaxy who brought simple stories that were told to DianKind and other developing civilizations.

These religions all had different names, but they were essentially ministering the same message. 

The beginning and the end of all religions is The Alpha Religion…

The Alpha Religion embraces The Original Creator from a spiritual and scientific perspective.

It is a Paradigm that offers Peace and Prosperity.

Science is an integral part of The Alpha Religion. It is the ultimate tool of knowledge. Without Science we would not be where we are today. We have come a long way to understanding the ways of the Universe.  Our world today is filled with great accomplishments. DianKind has come of age, and has evolved gaining new knowledge and technological advancements that are taking us to a brave new world of astounding wonder and joy. Science is rapidly changing us into a world that would have seemed alien to our grandparents.

While Science can be easily defined as a Truth, Spirituality cannot be easily defined, yet it is of equal eminence.

The message has always been the same, though it will always be evolving.  The Holy Books still have relevance but religion has to continually update to reflect our brave new world. It is in our DNA to modernize.

Science brings knowledge and The Alpha Religion guides our mantra.

Hate will always bring a life of misery, languish and unhappiness, while love and compassion is a roadmap to Celestial Heaven….

None of what we have accomplished as a species in our current timeline would have been possible without a dynamic spiritual compass to lead the way.

The Alpha Religion is the evolution of spiritual salvation.

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