The Three Ages of Diantoz

three ages of diantoz

  • 1. Plato's New Republic
  • 2. The New Age of Wizards
  • 3. The Age of Transcendence

Message From DianToz-The New Battlefront 7/17/2120

7/17/2120 People of Earth You are again at a crossroads in your timeline. Your existence continues to evolve and is wondrous in so many ways, yet those among you...

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The New Land Rush Moving Forward

Space Life has become the passion of our civilization.   A major land rush came into existence as new worlds became the destination for many people looking for adventure. Some...

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Economic Revolution

Less than 100 years ago scientists and developmental thinkers warned that civilization was faced with a perfect storm of ecological and social problems driven by overpopulation, overconsumption, and environmentally...

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A CosmoCratic Society

Space Mining became the driving force that brought about the great reformation… The Interstellar Mining Federation came into being and in it’s benevolence wisely invested in the unlimited potential...

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The Dark Times

At one pivotal point in our history the mightiest nation amongst us was engulfed in a great struggle for power. It was the beacon republic of DianToz, formed as...

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The Space Billionaires

Let us begin at a historic movement that was put forth by certain visionary men and women (many of whom were billionaires at the time).   Since the major cause...

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The International Mining Federation

The International Mining Federation was created by philanthropic billionaires to develop a methodology of gathering resources in space.  It was the passionate dedication and tireless effort put forth by...

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The World Re>Creation Council

The Great Transformation was aided by a series of events put forth by the philanthropic Interstellar Mining Foundation. An epic decision was constituted by these exalted philanthropist that propelled...

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The Founding Benefaction

For the first time in its history Diankind had unlimited resources. For the first time in it’s history there was a united world council that had full cooperation and...

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StarDay 2068

StarDay 2068-Preamble Transcript put forth at The 4Unions~ World Conference Team members of Project MineStar and esteemed representatives of The 4Unions~ I bid you welcome to the 2068- 4Unions~...

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Habitable Asteroids

The World ReCreation Council had recommended that it would be vastly more resource-efficient to convert asteroids into livable bases than converting entire planets.  It was a natural evolution from...

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A New Race of Einsteins…and more

Unlocking the secrets of the stars has become the passion for many of our world citizens. An amazing undertaking if you are a productive being. It becomes a fascinating...

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Untold Riches, Robot Factories and more…

Once Project MineStar became operational  it didn’t take long to reap untold riches from the asteroids.  These were untold riches not predicted. And the wealth was delivered in a unexpected way. ...

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Space Travel-The Ultimate Vacation

Space Mining revolutionized world currency and world power. The impact on Diankind was profound and far reaching.  For the first time in our history, wealth and comfort became the...

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The DianToz Rainbow

Our view of the the universe is atypical from the Earth night sky. We have two suns that grace our sphere with light and we have a third sun...

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Celestial Cousins

As different as our own trinary star system is from your uniquely single star system, there are ethereal similarities between the people of Earth and DianToz. We have wondered (while observing...

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The Rise of The Fifth Generation

The Rise of The 5th Generation One of the first acts of the WRCC(The World ReCreation Council) was to create a more meaningful and select educational system. The 5th...

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Fusion and Photonic StarShips

Before Fusion and Photonic StarShips became viable, previous manned trips to Norsoom(the nearest celestial planet to DianToz), required a minimum of 500 earth days.  That was before the scientific...

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The Harnessing of Staar Energy

The ultimate energy source is nuclear fusion. It is the most abundant energy in the universe. The energy produced by each and every star is nuclear fusion.  We call...

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Fifth Generation Epigenetics

To achieve the topmost level of intelligence in our species, genetic enhancements became commonplace. As scientist began editing the human genome, they gradually increased the favorable genetic variant of...

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The First Generation

The World ReCreation Council (following the recommendation of many educators worldwide) adopted what became known as  The Primary Principle which was applied to The First Generation.  From the beginning...

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Mapping The Systems

Star Day 2078* The Alpha Scouts had been commissioned by the World ReCreation Council to go forth and explore. Their purpose was to gain first hand experience in charting...

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The Alpha Scouts

As Space Technology grew in exponential advancements, a great benediction was the creation of the first pioneers in space, The Alpha Scouts.  Most of The Alpha Scouts are of...

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BaLo A Jurrassic Water World Creature

Orbiting our Sister Sun Mithos, is a wondrous prehistoric water world named BluGuyse.  Here endures a planet where 95% of the surface is covered in a salt water ocean. ...

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Asteroid World Sorus

 StarDay 6-2094 Here is a story from a young woman named JanDa from her home world Sorus: JanDa was one of the first to be born on Sorus, a...

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The Space Elevator

Our ascent had begun… We soon felt a slight pull, then began to feel The RielZen-II rise.  The seats were quite comfortable and offered an unobstructed view of what...

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The IClonn

Promus is one of VenTua’s moons and on this moon is an exposed vast frozen surface. Deep beneath this veneer lies a ocean… a salt-water ocean. This ocean is...

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The Diamond Planet

WatiGua-has eight times the mass of DianToz, and three times the radius. WatiGua averages temperatures around 1700 °C as it circles MiTaz our 2nd sun. Watigua is indeed one...

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BanGe is the 2nd closest planet to our first star, SoVran. BanGe is known as an Expansion Planet because of its massive radius and shallow density.  Intense solar heat from SoVran combined with...

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Planet of The Islands

One of the planets orbiting our third sun Telios, is BeLise BeLise is about 1.2 times larger than DianToz. Like all planets and moons, Belise has been subjected to...

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Destination Saam

One of the great many destinations found in The Tri-Planet System is a moon that circles the planet QuanTaz. QuanTas harbors a noteworthy satellite, one that offers one of the most geologically compelling...

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The Birth of The Alpha Religion

Deep in the heart of our galaxy there exist an ancient star system known as Cetus(Cetus is located in The Whale Constellation as named by Ancient Greek Astronomers). Within...

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A Message from God

GaLos is a Super sized DianToz, orbiting Telios our third star. It’s surface is scarred and barren from multiple planetoid impacts. The thin atmosphere of GaLos provided a weak defense...

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God has left the Building

The AnteDeluvian Travelers as omnipotent as they were, evolved from similar origins as many species in the galaxy. They were made of the same carbon and molecules…the same stardust....

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A New Awakening

The Alpha Religion evolved as did everything else on DianToz. The religious and spiritual leaders began to understand the importance of focusing on the here and now as a...

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The Alpha Religion and The Soul

The timeline of immortality can be mystifying, yet there will come a time when all the souls of the world that have ever lived… will meet again.  (As if...

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A Higher Purpose

The higher purpose of The Alpha Religion is to achieve immortality as a species. The journey to immortality begins with envisioning a Life that can be something far more...

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The Message is the Same and then again it isn’t

Intelligent species have always hungered for some kind of spiritual connection. It is inherited in our DNA. It is especially important that this bond be unshakeable and offer salvation. ...

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The SoVran Star System

 Alpha First The Star-SoVran  The closest planet that circles SoVran is a planet called MeGron which is a super hot gas giant. The intense heat from SoVran combined with...

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The MiThoz Star System

Alpha II-MiThos YeNaar is a gas giant that orbits very close to MiThoz, our 2nd star. As a result of this close proximity to MiThoz, the surface temperatures of...

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The TeLios System

  Alpha Proxima-The Red Dwarf TeLios The closest Planet that orbits our third star is known to us as WatiGua. WatiGua is a small rocky planet similar in mass...

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