Bugs as big as a human.

Orbiting the magnificent water world Of BluGuyse, and located within the habitable zone, is the moon FenGaar. FenGaar is an unusually large moon that could have been a planet in it’s own right had not BluGuyse decided to capture it for it’s own.

On this moon you will find eco-rich plant life with exotic and alien foliage to entice the imagination. Here on FenGaar, towering tree size plants bear fruit to some of the most fascinating flowers found anywhere in the galaxy. A cornucopia of flowers and heavenly scented aromas engulf this large planetoid.

It would be a true paradise if not for a certain species that rules this world...

The guardian of this moon is the dreaded TroMos, a giant anthropod that is lightning quick and deadly with a sting. One thrust of it’s 6 Centimeter long stinger will bring split-second paralysis to it’s prey. As the victim falls still, The TroMos slowly spews forth a substance from several mouths that wraps the helpless victim in a cocoon-like substance. The TroMos then carries it’s prey to it’s young Brood.

You can imagine the rest…Slowly being eaten, a little each day, being kept alive just enough to be aware of every horrifying moment.

Some scientists have speculated TroMos as the primary reason small mammals have never reached a higher evolutionary level on FenGaar.

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