A Message from God

GaLos is a Super sized DianToz, orbiting Telios our third star. It’s surface is scarred and barren from multiple planetoid impacts. The thin atmosphere of GaLos provided a weak defense against the cosmos. Life on the surface would prosper only to then suffer extinction  after extinction. 

Upon first exploring this planet, The Alpha Scouts detected extensive Caves and Caverns that ran throughout the planet’s interior. Ancient behemoth creatures had carved out astonishing tunnels and chambers. Within these caverns there exist a subterranean coral reef. Here exist alien plant life, bounding creatures and life-breathing gases in many of these towering formations.

An even more startling revelation presented itself when early explorers discovered alien travelers had visited one of these caves. 

A message was disclosed using unknown symbols and mathematics that painted a story of ancient aliens that came from a star system much older than our own.   

This historical documentation told of sending Avatars through out the Galaxy spreading a message filled with Peace and Love.The message ended with these words….

Transformation of the Soul is your destiny.

Here was affirmation tracing the origins of The Alpha Religion back to The Ancient AnteDeluvians  who inhabited a star system  in The Cetus region. This ancient solar system formed when our star systems were just a nebulous nursery.

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