A Cosmic Roller Coaster

Imagine traveling in a space craft deep within the caverns and tunnels of a CryoVolcano on a distant moon at speeds equal to a supersonic roller coaster.  

As you breathtakingly speed along,  you are thrust to the summit’s peak and expeditiously launched into a planetoid orbit  surrounded by an interstellar borealis created by the ice crystals of the CryoVolcano. 

Imagine viewing a backdrop of billions of stars as your space pod is swept into its own orbit created by the dynamo force of the mountain.

As if that isn’t enough, you then finish your journey by becoming immersed in the awe inspiring rings of Norsoom. 

It is the our Way of life, fellow residents of our Galaxy.

                       It is the Way of our People.

Space Travel has become the commodity and commonality for all of Diankind.

                Space Travel will bring us Immortality.

 We were destined to be a Super Race that travels the stars.

Space Travel has become The Transcendent Journey for the People of DianToz.


                         Come join us People of Earth

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