BluGuyse-The Jurassic Water World

Journey to an authentic water world teeming wit unique and terrifying life forms!  



Discovery Overview:

BluGuyse is in many ways the most thrilling, perilous and alluring planet in The DianToz Triad System.

BluGuyse is a ‘Hycean’ planet—a hot, ocean-covered planet with a hydrogen-rich atmosphere. The atmosphere also contains methyl chloride and dimethyl sulphide which aids in sustaining life in such a unique environment.

Many of the prime Hycean planets are more massive than an Earth or DianToz. In fact, some astronomers have classified them as mini-neptunes.

BluGuyse the ‘Hycean’ planet, not only surpasses DianToz in size, but is hotter than DianToz, and host a massive ocean. An extreme aquatic environment lurks on BluGuyse that is ruled by Jurassic size creatures that can withstand the heavier gravity and atmospheric pressure.

Temperatures can easily reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit, yet life thrives in the deep fathomless oceans.

Life in the Fast Lane

BluGuyse is a primitive and perilous world where every day is a battle for survival.

The massive gravity of a super-sized earth or mini-neptune evolved a far different Jurassic Creature than one would expect. The composition of the hydrogen rich atmosphere also added an evolutionary twist to the equation of life on the World of BluGuyse.

Jurassic Crustaceans populate this water world.

The most dominant species is the BraXis, a fierce predator who seize their prey with multiple claw appendages that carry a power-packed force that can easily crush anything in its path.

Various smaller evolutionary versions of The BraXis populate these vast oceans.

The BraXis and its evolutionary cousins are only a small window into the World of BluGuyse.

Life in the Slow Lane

BluGuyse is also inhabited by the BaLo , a lumbering titanic sea species that towers over all creatures roaming the seas.

Life from above

Gigantic sized winged organisms that appear anthropod in nature, fill the sky searching and diving for prey.

These are just a few of the strange and outlandish life forms that inhabit The Planet BluGuyse.