4.b The Five Generations

The Rise of The Fifth Generation

The Rise of The 5th Generation One of the first acts of the WRCC(The World ReCreation Council) was to create a more meaningful and select educational system. The 5th Generation Movement came into being and was instrumental in The Great Reformation. With resources bountiful and robotics changing the concept of work, effectual education flourished.  Genome…

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Fifth Generation Epigenetics

To achieve the topmost level of intelligence in our species, genetic enhancements became commonplace. As scientist began editing the human genome, they gradually increased the favorable genetic variant of the IQ alleles in each of the Five Generations. Genome sequencing was advancing our species to astonishing evolutionary levels.  Savant-like capabilities of the highest order, were…

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The First Generation

The World ReCreation Council (following the recommendation of many educators worldwide) adopted what became known as  The Primary Principle which was applied to The First Generation.  From the beginning of it’s young life each child was encouraged to follow his or her curiosity and passions. As they matured they were guided systematically to develop the…

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