DunZeer-The Desert Planet

Our Space Odyssey continues with DunZeer the Desert World.



Discovery Overview

DunZeer is the 3rd closest planet to SoVran and rotates backwards on its axis which means the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

DunZeer is the only planet within the SoVran Star System to do so.

DunZeer is a desert world that harbors fierce nocturnal creatures that hide deep within the surface due to extreme daytime temperatures. DunZeer is home to both unique small sand dwelling creatures and uncanny plant life.


How Life Survives on DunZeer:

DunZeer has a restricted amount of specialized vegetation, as well as highly specialized vertebrate and invertebrate animals that can keep cool deep under the ground during daytime hellish temperatures. At night their body temperature has to adapt to the frigid night temperatures to survive. The desert soil has abundant nutrients and needs only the scarce rain to become very productive. There is little organic matter within The DunZeer landscape.

Mammal-like creatures are non-existent on DunZeer because this type of species is not capable of storing sufficient water and withstanding the extreme heat.