GaLos-Planet of the Caves

A Startling discovery is found changing DianToz forever  



Discovery Overview

GaLos is a Super sized DianToz. Evolution flipped a coin and this planet remained rocky instead of becoming a gas giant.  The surface is scarred from multiple meteor impacts. 

GaLos is another Ringed world but differs then most with extensive Caves and Caverns that run throughout the planet’s interior. Discoveries of Alien Plant life and oxygen in many of the towering caverns created a new passion in cave exploration and underground farm production.

The AnteDeluvians

An even more startling discovery was bestowed upon the people of DianToz.

Ancient alien travelers had left a message in one of the caves.

Ancient beings had once visited this solar system from a star system much older than our own.

Here was revealed for the first time , A Message from The Stars.

A message was uncovered that spoke of a  “A Genomic Soul” that is within all of us.

This was the first declaration introducing The Alpha Religion.