Mapping The Systems

Star Day 2078*

The Alpha Scouts had been commissioned by the World ReCreation Council to go forth and explore. Their purpose was to gain first hand experience in charting The Trinary Solar Systems. Their mission was to document their quest as they traveled from one sun to another.   

Most of Sovran and Mithos Sol and some of TeLios Sol had been visited through SpaceProbes. Now it was time for our species to journey forth.  The Alpha Scouts were the first beings of a dynamic Renaissance race to journey to other worlds.  Tronic*I had built and installed diminutive outpost throughout the systems as a beacon for the Alpha Scouts and future travelers .  

Tronic*I had also been busy forging habitats for the people of DianToz. In a brief span of time major moons were becoming thriving colonies.

Tronic*I was also erecting the second space elevator located on Narsoom as well as the first cryovolcano coaster (or CCoaster)on Klipzan, one of Norsooms six moons.

With the support of the WRCC and The IMF(International Mining Federation), The Alpha Scouts were now embarking on an all out offensive in spearheading the colonization of The Alpha Systems.  

DianToz now had ample resources from mining the asteroids.

Tronic*I had made labor free with no limit .


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