Episode 1 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana introduce The Land of DianToz

Welcome to the wacky world of Professor Cosmo & DeLana and learn about The Land of DianToz and all the exoplanets of The DianToz Triad Star System

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Episode 2 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-Space Mining

Space Mining holds the key to not only Space Exploration, but also offers the solution to many of the worlds problems. Come listen to Dr. Cosmo and DeLana as they explore some space mining options.

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Episode 3 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-The Three Rings of DianToz

Professor Cosmo & DeLana reveal fascinating facts about The Three artificial Rings of DianToz which provide fascinating resources to the people of DianToz.

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Episode 4 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-The Wondrous Rings of NorSoom

Professor Cosmo & DeLana are back at it again, this time sharing info about the exoplanet NorSoom and the wonderous rings that orbit this amazing world.

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Episode 5 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-DunZeer The Desert World

Professor Cosmo & DeLana share exciting stories about exotic life on a Desert Planet.

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Episode 6-Professor Cosmo & DeLana-VenTua The Methane Exoplanet

Journey with Professor Cosmos & DeLana to The Methane world of VenTua, where liquid methane lakes populate the landscape.

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Episode 7 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-MiThoz The Alpha Star II

The Professor & DeLana discuss MiThoz the sister sun to SoVran, part of a binary system within The DianToz Tri-System.

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Episode 8 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-YeNaar the Helium World

Professor Cosmo & DeLana discuss the unique world of YeNaar, the only Helium world in the Tri-System.

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