Subterranean Ocean Worlds of our Solar System

There are multiple ocean worlds that have been orbiting the four Gas Giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune for billions of years. Could life exist on these worlds?

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Space Mining is the Key to The Final Frontier

Space Mining is the key to The Final Frontier The asteroid belt is brimming with metals – just about every kind of precious element is out there within our solar system waiting for humanity to harvest. There are enough minerals found in just one small asteroid to power a major city for decades. Robotics will...

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Fascinating Observations about Exoplanets01

Gain a better understanding about exoplanets in our Galaxy!

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Benefits Of A Space Elevator

Here are five surprising reasons for building a Space Elevator.

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Subterranean Water Worlds

Subsurface Water Worlds It seems there is always an ongoing discussion in our world today about meeting an advanced civilization somewhere in our Galaxy or finding microbial life on Mars. But I feel there needs to be more discussion about a third option for complex life.  I believe that comes under the title of Subterranean...

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Space Balloon-An Alternative Viewpoint

An alternative way for Space Travel in our lifetime. How many of us have marveled what it would be like to travel into space? How many of you out there have wondered what it would be like to look down upon this magnificent planet, to see the curvature of the earth, the continents and the...

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Episode 1 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana introduce The Land of DianToz

Welcome to the wacky world of Professor Cosmo & DeLana and learn about The Land of DianToz and all the exoplanets of The DianToz Triad Star System

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