NorSoom-The Ringed Wonder of the Galaxy

Our Space Odyssey continues with NorSoom the magnificient red planet.



Discovery Overview

NorSoom is a ringed rocky planet twice the size of DianToz.

NorSoom has three rings with one ring spanning north to south instead of the equator, creating an awe inspiring sight.

NorSoom is the most popular destination for DianKind and for so many reasons. From Paleolithic expeditions to riding the space elevator to view the Rings of Norsoom, it offers endless fascination.

Deep in its past history, NorSoom offered evidence of primitive life. Discoveries of fossils of paleolithic marine life, and signs of vast seas tell a story of a different world than today. 

There are many valleys, channels and gullies to be found on NorSoom, a positive sign liquid water once flowed across the planet’s surface in ancient and possibly recent times.

NorSoom is a terrestrial planet in nature.  It has a thin atmosphere that has multifarious surface features. On NorSoom you will find colossal impact craters as well as deep canyons, valleys, deserts and even polar ice caps.

The rotational period and seasonal cycles are similar to DianToz, as is the tilt of the axis that produces the seasons.

Exploration Tales

The Majestic Rings of NorSoom are a site to behold. They mystified the ancient people of DianToz . The Ancients worshiped NorSoom as the mighty KoKeena warrior who traveled the night sky in search of adventure.

But today’s descendants can ride the KoKeena Space Elevator and experience stunning views of the rings of NorSoom traveling from the surface to deep space and back, offering unparalleled vistas and closeups our ancestors could have never imagined.