PeTron-The Mineral World

Journey with us to a world of riches beyond the imagination!



Discovery Overview

The planet PeTron offered a bonanza for mineral resources as the civilization of DianToz began to colonize The MiThoz Star System.

This was the first rocky planet (other than current asteroid mining expeditions) that offered an ideal environment to mine valuable minerals without any detrimental or harmful environmental issues.

PeTron was the mother lode of mining ores, a haven of precious and essential metals.

The resources from PeTron offered a major stepping stone to building an interstellar civilization.

The Alpha Scouts

Robotics(Tronic I)was ready for the challenge to lead DianToz.

The Alpha Scouts upon their initial visit had found concentrated supplies of metals of silver, germanium, hafnium, lanthanum, cerium, rhenium, samarium, gallium, gadolinium, gold, palladium, iridium, rubidium, platinum, rhodium, europium, to name just a few.

The availability of these resources enabled space colonization to move forward because these readily available raw materials were easily accessible to continue the roadmap to the stars. It was much easier to produce and develop interplanetary spacecraft, space outpost and even large colonies.