History and Overview

Our Space Odyssey begins with SoVran-The Alpha Sun.
In ancient times the mighty SoVran Star was worshipped as the Mother Sun which gave life to the world of DianToz. The DianToz sky also prominently displays MiThoz and TeLios who to the ancients were known as the two daughters of SoVran.
SoVran, MiThoz and TeLios are part of The DianToz Tri-Star System and reside within an breathtaking group of stars known to our people as the The KalaZo Star Cluster.

Statistics and relations to other planets

SoVran has about 104% of the mass of the Sun and 120% of the Sun’s radius, with more than twice times the Sun’s luminosity.[3] The spectrum of this star matches a stellar classification of G2 IV, with the luminosity class of ‘IV’ indicating this is a subgiant star. As such, it is a slightly more evolved star than the Sun, with the supply of hydrogen at its core becoming exhausted. It is one of the oldest stars in the solar neighborhood. This star bears some resemblance to what the Sun might look like in the far distant future, making it an object of interest to

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