science fiction

Economic Revolution

Less than 100 years ago scientists and developmental thinkers warned that civilization was faced with a perfect storm of ecological and social problems driven by overpopulation, overconsumption, and environmentally baleful technologies.

The difficult economic times were understandable given the misguided values of economics. There needed to be a deep fundamental restructuring of the economic principles in the current global system.

In the face of absolutely unprecedented crisis facing our civilization, The Interstellar Mining Foundation had no choice but to take dramatic action to avert a collapse of civilization. Either DianToz had to change and build an entirely new kind of global civilization, or face catastrophic consequences.

The Interstellar Mining Foundation could have held everybody hostage with its incredible wealth and power, instead, in its benevolence IMF came to the rescue. IMF had prepared well. These were the most successful and altruistic business people on the planet who enacted wisely.

By this time the world was moving towards globalization anyway as each nation became interdependent with all the others. When the revolution came, it was a peaceful series of events for most of the planet. There were a few rogue nation states who rebelled. But these despots had dwindling wealth and powers that were no match for The Great Transformation.

Soon all of DianToz was becoming united in a central cause that was always intended and dreamed about, but never fully realized. The great majority of DianToz was becoming a middle class that finally had a voice.

The Founding Benefactors

For the first time in its history Diankind had unlimited resources.

For the first time in it’s history there was a united world council that had full cooperation and understanding of the four remaining nations.  The united front had fashioned a utopic paradise.

This united front was known as The WRCC: The World ReCreation Council.

The WRCC was not a political party, but a spiritual fellowship composed of many of the world’s great leaders, who were visionary and wealthy entrepreneurs. They were everything but politicians, and had no personal gain. They only advised and motivated DianKind.

They were the new founding fathers and mothers of a great CosmoCratic Society for the betterment of DianToz.

They were the founding benefactors who were diversified and understood long-term thinking.

They were the new Renaissance men and women.


Fusion and Photonic StarShips

Before Fusion and Photonic StarShips became viable, previous manned trips to Norsoom(the nearest celestial planet to DianToz), required a minimum of 500 earth days. 

That was before the scientific leaders of DianToz developed Photonic Star Ships, which were propelled by laser beams orbiting our planet. The resulting exponential motion reached commanding speeds through the vacuum of space. The photons in the laser light created a acceleration process that propelled the vessel. Electromagnetic acceleration could achieve far greater speeds than chemical propulsion. 

Tronic*I created a pipeline of starships to make space travel as common as global travel.

An even greater feat was accomplished when scientist and engineers banded together from around the world to finally solved the mystery of fusion. As soon as Fusion reactors came into existence, they were assimilated into our Star Ships. The outcome was an upgrade that resulted in astounding speeds of travel. A hot ionized reaction was created that would expel in such a manner as to create an even greater force than Photonic Travel. 

Star Energy was the celestial fuel of the universe and our species had finally learned to harness it’s power. 

With Star Energy we can now travel to great distances in days rather than years. 

The potential of Star Energy is limitless.

Our augmentation in fusion viability has created a Migratory Rush among the people of DianToz. 

Eminent plans are being made as more and more citizens of Diankind prepare for upcoming journeys to the stars.

The Space Elevator

Our ascent had begun…

We soon felt a slight pull, then began to feel The RielZen-II rise.  The seats were quite comfortable and offered an unobstructed view of what seemed like the entire universe. The saucer rotated ever so slowly revealing a 360degree view of NorSoom and her stellar rings, surrounded by her six moons.

It was a close up view few people would ever experience. Gasp, murmurings, and apprized exclamations, were the primary sounds heard from most passengers as the reality unfolded. Then the sounds lapsed…almost in unison, into reverent whispers and awestruck stares as we slowly ascended to the stars.

How can one not be moved, sitting in a front row seat being privileged to observe the celestial sight of majestic rings circling a mighty planet? 

We watched in awe as the copious children of Norsoom traveled right before our eyes, seemingly from all directions.   

What seemed like an infinite number of minerals, and metals mixed in bedrocks of crystalline structures were revealing themselves to us from a close distance as we approached the rings. 

With the universe presenting a celestial backdrop, our spiritual emotions soared to unimaginable fulfillment.

The elevator was ascending into heaven for a short visit. The Angels carried us gently on their shoulders, delivering us majestically to this time and place.

It is a memory that is forever etched in our minds..