The 2nd brightest star in the vast star-filled sky of DianToz is TeLios, the Proxima Star.
TeLios is known as a K class star, slightly cooler than her sisters SoVran and MiThoz, averaging temperatures close to 5000K degrees.
TeLios orbits SoVran and MiThoz in approximately 180 earth years.
TeLios is the mother sun to 6 planets and hundreds of moons. 
Early Fables
Ancient astronomers referred to TeLios as the restless Daughter of the Goddess MiThoz, who journeyed across the heavenly sky only to then mysteriously disappear from the Heavens. The Ancient wise ones watched night sky patiently for some sign and to her return.
Upon the sighting/return of The Princess Daughter of MiThoz, preparations for celebrations began as it was known as a sign from the Gods.
It was a time for the wise ancients to share new predictions of their peoples destiny.