The DianToz Rainbow

Our view of the the universe is atypical from the Earth night sky. We have two suns that grace our sphere with light and we have a third sun that is far brighter than any star seen on earth.

We have day, we have night and we have a period of time that is neither day or night. We call this phenomena Methaz  which takes place because of having two suns.  

Our Cosmic view may be antithetic, but we are very similar to other carbon based life. We descended as a species  from earlier life forms and our body is quite humanoid.

We have a long timeline of bloodshed, wars, and genocide and suffered mightily to evolve to where we are today.

But somehow through great perseverance we reached our rainbow.

Many fought passionately against it. Technology and Science has changed our world for the better.

We are near immortality thanks to Science and Technology.

Suffering and pain are no longer apart of our world.

The Fundamentals of Life, Food, Shelter and Education are generously available for all our people. There is enough clean energy available to last for hundreds of thousands of years.

We feel little pain as we grow in years. Out minds are clear well into the third or 4th century of our existence.

Yes! We live a long happy productive life.

We have found great purpose in pursuing the stars..



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