The Rise of The Fifth Generation

The Rise of The 5th Generation

One of the first acts of the WRCC was to create a more select educational system.

The 5th Generation Movement came into being and was instrumental in The Great Reformation.

With resources bountiful and robotics changing the concept of work, effectual education flourished. 

Genome sequencing had increased IQ achievements to astounding levels. 

Savant-like capabilities of the highest order, were becoming ever-present as well as  extraordinary recollection of past events, even memories of of past generations.

Our species was developing accelerated  thinking and calculation. We now had the ability for wizard-like geometric visualization, leading us to even deeper conceptualizations.  The Fifth Generation of DianToz began to perform new levels of computational analyses. They had created new pathways of thinking in higher dimensions.

The Fifth Generations unique evolution had achieved preeminence partnership with Tronic`I.

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