VenTua-The Methane Exoplanet

Our Space Odyssey continues with the outermost exoplanet of the SoVran Star System



Discovery Overview

VenTua is planet number 6 and has surface temperatures so cold that water-ice plays the role of rock.

The atmosphere of VenTua is mostly nitrogen and through chemical processes creates methane and ethane clouds which then rain onto the surface.

VenTua’s surface is sculpted by the methane rain carving river channels and supplying great lakes with liquid natural gas.

Vast regions of dark dunes composed of sand-like hydrocarbons stretch across the planet. The surface has few craters as the constant methane rain and tectonic forces carve out new land formations.

Exploration Tales

Because of extreme cold temperatures, unique lifeforms exist on this planet.

Deep within the lakes are found lumbering sloth-like life forms that move ever so slowly within the deep dark sub-zero environment. These alien species populate the rivers ponderously navigating the dense methane channels.