Discovery Overview
What is a diamond planet?
WaTigua is known as a “diamond planet” due to the fact, this planet has a carbon-rich composition.

This exoplanet is unlike anything in our solar system.

All Stars and planets are created from dust and gas clouds, it is the ratio of certain gases that determines what kind of planet or star is formed as a result of this process.

The Star TeLios, has a higher carbon-to-oxygen ratio of elements, and in combination with the presence of water (and unlike her sister stars, SoVran and MiThoz)has given birth to a carbon-rich planet…WaTigua.

WaTigua has a harsh environment. The atmosphere is rich in methane and other gases that are low in oxygen.

Raining on WaTigua

The combination of methane with storms in the atmosphere causes it to rain diamonds on the surface!