BeLise-Planet of the Islands

Journey to a spectacular world of islands populating the seas.

Discovery Overview

BeLise is known as the “Planet of the Islands”. BeLise is a super earth size planet that has 3 moons, that includes one very large moon that harbors it’s own set of rings around it.

In our current timeline, BeLise has evolved into a world of abundant plant, animal, and sea life.

Multiple Extinctions

The antiquity of BeLise is filled with countless mass extinctions, forcing the origin of life in a perpetual reboot.  

In some of these epoch extinctions, BeLise was left with only microscopic organisms.

Regrettably, there was never enough time for a higher intelligence to evolve on land. 

One side of the planet was battered particularly hard. Collective impacts of the asteroids did not allow any continents to form. Instead, here is a world dotted with islands on the one half, and a large continent surrounded by a boundless ocean on the far side of the world. 

Because BeLise is a world where half of the planet is covered with legions of islands, here is home to arguably the most alluring beaches in The Tri-System.  That is why BeLise is known as the “Planet of the Islands”.

BeLise has 3 moons, with the largest moon MaToz having it’s very own set of rings around it.  Many believe “The Rings of MaToz” to be one of The Great Wonders of The Tri-System.

Sailing the alien, exotic seas at night with the Rings of MaToz visible in the night sky  (against the backdrop of The Rings of BeLise), is considered a spiritual treasure. It is said that upon frequenting this Sphere of wonder, one is filled with a transcendental odyssey that the people of DianToz never grow tired of.