Subterranean Water Worlds

Subsurface Water Worlds
It seems there is always an ongoing discussion in our world today about meeting an advanced civilization somewhere in our Galaxy or finding microbial life on Mars. But I feel there needs to be more discussion about a third option for complex life.  I believe that comes under the title of Subterranean Water Worlds. As our descendants move forward down the Galactic Time line, I can see our grandchildren exploring the many vast Subsurface liquid water moons that populate our solar system. Europa, Enceladus, Ganymede, Callisto, Ceres, just to name a few.
I did some research on exactly how many moons within our solar system have under the surface water worlds and the consensus was there are probably at least three orbiting each of the four gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  There has also been research on Pluto to suggest that this planetoid has an under the surface Water World.
What makes it even more compelling is these subterranean seaways have been there for perhaps billions of years. Now, it’s entirely possible that some of the oceans have no life at all, but it’s also possible that the hot core of some of these moons created heat vents that are similar to the ones found here on earth. And scientist have already determined that the magnetic pull of Jupiter on Europa creates heat through expansion and contraction.
What makes this even more mind-blowing is that some of us alive today and surely our children and grandchildren will live to experience the journey to these faraway worlds.
AI is preparing us for tomorrow’s journey to the planets. Throw in epigenetics to transform how we deal with radiation and other challenges in space and we’re good to go!
Click here to read about The IClonn-a po rob.damon52@gmail.comssible alien creature living in a subterranean seaway.

Click here to read about The IClonn-a possible alien creature living in a subterranean seaway.

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