The MiThoz Star System

Alpha II-MiThos

YeNaar is a gas giant that orbits very close to MiThoz, our 2nd star. As a result of this close proximity to MiThoz, the surface temperatures of YenNaar exceeds 700C (1300F).  The great intensity of MiThoz’s nuclear furnace was too much for YenNaar as the ice giant was drawn closer to her mother star billions of years ago.

MiThoz mercilessly drove off the lighter gases by first boiling these elements that slowly evaporated, and over time, abundant hydrogen and methane became depleted within the ancient atmosphere, leaving behind a helium world.

YenNaar is the only helium planet within our systems.

CorRus and ReMalaz are two planets that reside in the same orbit and are about 1/3rd the size of DianToz. Both planetoids are similar in creation, both are hot, rocky, planets with a thick hazy atmosphere.

This soupy atmosphere consists mainly of carbon dioxide and sulfides. A runaway greenhouse effect took place millions of years ago on these fraternal planets.

PeTron is a rocky planet without a metallic core. In effect it is a giant rocky mantle. PeTron originally accreted from both water-rich and iron metal-rich material. However, the metal iron reacted with water to form iron oxide and release hydrogen before differentiation of a metal core had taken place.  The iron droplets were well mixed and small enough that the end result was that the iron oxidized and trapped in the mantle, unable to form a core. PeTron is a mineral rich world that supplies the people of DianToz with abundant resources.

BluGuyse is a planet that is about three times the size of DianToz and about 6.5 times as massive. BluGuyse is an authentic water world with a solid core. Moreover, the planet has a thick surrounding atmosphere of hydrogen and helium. Here you will find a warm and muggy world, that also encompasses the polar regions. Here you will find an astounding water world teeming with Sea Life. Because of it’s size and mass, the Ocean is hundreds of kilometers deep. Jurassic size Crustaceans inhabit the fathomless ocean as Mega sized winged organisms populate the sky.

BoRuc is the next planet in the system and is 2/3 a water world and 1/3 covered with Glaciers. It is approximately 1.5 times larger than DianToz.  BoRuc is somewhat smaller and far cooler than BluGuyse. Because of the thick protective atmosphere that has abundant heat-trapping carbon dioxide, BoRuc was able to maintain an atmosphere that was habitable to not only marine life, but land animals as well.  A particular fascination are the mammoth-like  five legged creatures that roam the IceFields. Creatures of omnifarious sizes exist on this world deep beneath the sea and on land.

BoRuc is the polar opposite of BluGuyse in habitable zone temperature, but both are prime destinations for our people. Both planets do require life support gear because of the breathing elements not being the same as our home world.

It was unlikely that these Water worlds could ever host a technologically advanced civilization like our own, because any life forms that would take root on these water worlds, would have needed access to fire for metallurgy.                

QuanTaz is a large gaseous planet at the edge of the Habitable zone. There a unique species has been discovered, ghostlike apparitions that float in the atmosphere.

Our scientist are still learning about this species. Like many of the large planets, QuanTas has many moons that offer stunning diversity.

The FaRize Belt orbits MiThoz once every thousand-some years. It is an ancient backyard of Asteroids, Comets, Dwarf Planets, and more…


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