Solar Cousins in The Sky

To whom it may concern:

Our planet is part of an extraordinary collection of stars which is known to our people as The KalaZo.

An astounding fact about sharing space in a star cluster is how large many of our solar cousins appear in our night sky.

Many prominent stars in the KalaZo are visual binary systems which makes for fascinating star gazing.

Our third star is far brighter than any star you have in your own night sky.

On DianToz, We have day, we have night, and sometimes we have a period of time that is neither day nor night which we call Mitho (which means between the suns). Our solar years are similar to yours though somewhat shorter in length.

Our world is about one and a half times the size of your planet. and is the fourth planet from our home star SovRan, the closest of the three Suns to us.

Our climate once became ravaged because of our greed, but is now finally healthy again. Our vegetation and forest grow strong.

We live in relative peace within our species and are now on a transpiring and compelling journey to immortality and the stars…

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