Space Balloon-An Alternative Viewpoint

An alternative way for Space Travel in our lifetime.

How many of us have marveled what it would be like to travel into space? How many of you out there have wondered what it would be like to look down upon this magnificent planet, to see the curvature of the earth, the continents and the oceans in all their majesty and glory. Ours is a precious planet indeed!  Imagine if you will, being surrounded by billions upon billions of stars, unobstructed by an atmosphere or city lights. I dare say it is a dream that many of us have in the sci-fi world, I know it has been a dream of mine since I was a child.

In the year 2022, mankind is taking some very large baby steps towards the stars. The news is filled with stories about the growing number of private companies building primitive starships to explore the planets. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are just the tip of the iceberg.  According to Wikipedia, there are 16 private space companies that launch rockets in one form or another and there are 47 rocket manufacturers listed. This does not count all the space programs funded by nations of the world, or the hundred or so startups related to space exploration.

Even with all the advances, Space travel is still quite pricey for most people. Starting at $450,000, Virgin Galactic will give you an 11-minute ride of a lifetime, one I’m sure you will never forget.

But, again how many can afford that?  it sounds like there is an alternative way for space travel on the horizon(no pun intended)that may (in time)make it more affordable to more people as it becomes more common.

Space travel may now no longer be a dream for some, thanks to a space tourism company called Space Perspective, that offers majestic views 100,000 feet above planet Earth. For a less pricey $125,000, one can experience a 6-hour ride in a pressurized space capsule carried by a space balloon using proven technology that NASA has used for decades for flying large scientific instrument into space. The Neptune Space balloon is the size of a football field and gently carries the capsule above the planet and offers a smooth descent back to earth. A backup parachute can safely descend and land the Neptune Capsule.

There are multiple new start-up companies developing a Space Balloon program which in time will continue to make travel less expensive

Hopefully in time the cost of space travel will drop considerably to allow the average person the opportunity.

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