BoRuc – A Glacial Arctic & Water World

Imagine an Antarctica World, one that has evolved over millions of years poroducung life forms adapted to the frigid wilderness.



Discovery Overview

BoRuc is in the midst of a long ice age that has affected the planet for millions of years. BoRuc is a polar version of BluGuyse and harbors a world that host mammoth sized creatures suited to the environment.

This magnificent Icescape is dotted with various herds migrating on a seasonal timeline in search of plants and vegetation.

The Effects of Glaciation

This Arctic World is blanketed by massive ice sheets , and dotted with valley glaciers, and local glaciers with high elevations.

The extended ice covers all land areas and extends into the frigid ocean onto the middle and outer continental shelf.

There are many glacial Lakes that are the result of glacial scouring and pooling of meltwater at the rim of the receding ice.

Monumental waterfalls are also a result of glaciation offering spectacular landmarks.