ConGria – The Eyeball World

Our Journey takes us to a tidally locked planet within the habitable zone.



Discovery Overview

ConGria is almost as large as DianToz, but there the similarities end.  Certain cosmic events inflicted by the gravitational pull of its mother star caused the world of ConGria to become tidally locked. 

That has become the province of ConGria as it circles our third sun TeLios. One side always faces the sun, while the other side faces perpetual darkness.

The people of DianToz call ConGria the Eyeball World, because of its appearance from space. This one-of-a-kind world is an eye-land surrounded by extreme climates.

Contrasting worlds cover the same planet.  The frigid arctic weather(which is never exposed to the sun) covers more than a third of the surface area which is called the Mear Expanse. Then there is the scorching arid desert region that covers slightly less than a third of the planet which we call the Tashma Range.

In between the two regions, you will find a strip of rich lush green land that has neither day or night and harbors a murky and cloudy atmosphere. This narrow band of province spans the planet and features a small continent separating the two sides.

This sliver of rich bountiful land covers the rest of ConGria, filled with deep lakes and hardy forest.

A Holistic Life Form

Located within this region is a species that has evolved into a uniquely intelligent being. 

This is where the PacaSih live, reverent holistic beings who live a simple primitive existence. What makes them even more unique is they are not humanoid. In fact, their ancestors were a form of pachyderm.

They call their land The Dominion. Careful stewardship of their natural resources guide the culture of the PacaSihs.

Different perspectives of the universe are found here, because of the unique experience of a being on the edge of a tidally locked planet. 

Traveling to the edge of the Mear Expanse or the Tasmir Range is a unique experience to be encountered. This is where many of the PacaSihs have traveled to the outer edges, in search of spiritual enlightenment. Ornate cave dwellings dot the landscape  telling stories of brave deeds involving these Mecca journeys. 

The ancient astronomers who began to observe other planets, soon became enamored with searching the heavens for ConGria.  “The Eyeball World”