CoRus&ReMaloz-The Twin Planets

Imagine if you will, observing a planet orbiting your homeworld instead of a moon!



Discovery Overview

CorRus and ReMaLoz reside in the same orbit around SoVran and are known as the Twin Planets. CoRus is about 2/3rds the size of DianToz, and is a hot, rocky, planet with a thick hazy atmosphere. ReMaLoz is only slightly smaller and circles CoRus in close proximity!

ReMaLoz has the same thick hazy atmosphere as CoRus which is replete with carbon dioxide and sulfides. A runaway greenhouse effect took place on these relative twins.

To make matters even more incitive, the titanic gravitational pull on both planets results in formidable seismic events.

Ancient History

Because of the close proximity to the home world and the symbiotic rotation between the twin planets, this fluctuating beacon became a god to the ancient people of DianToz. 

This prodigious heavenly body pinned against the backdrop of an awe-inspiring sky-filled star cluster, had a profound effect on homo-heidelbergensis in the ancient world.

The wise shamans designed elaborate rituals in honor of the messenger God CoRus.

Upon much prayer and ritualistic dancing and with the aid of necromantic herbs, the pansophic shamans would share their mystical visions and advise and predict on significant events affecting the tribe or clan.