The 3 Majestic Rings of DianToz


DianToz The Home World

Our Space Odyssey continues with the 4th planet in The SoVran Star System



Celestial Cousins in the Sky

DianToz is one of three planets in the habitable zone of the star SoVran and is home to an advanced Celestial Civilization.

It is a world that has solved many of the problems that currently plague the planet Earth.

100 years ago DianToz was quite similar to Earth, but through advancements in science and technology, cures and solutions were provided to create a more stable and healthy planet.

Disease and hunger are but a whisper of the past.

Nuclear Fusion and solar energy became a reality and commonplace. Energy is no longer a commodity.

Robotics and space mining transformed and enriched the world boosting space travel beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

The people of DianToz have become a space faring world.


The unique origins of this species makes for a compelling story indeed.

The answer lies in The Chronicles of DianToz.

True Celestial Cousins indeed… 


The Three Rings of DianToz

DianToz has 3 artificial rings that circle the planet. They were built by the great Civilization of DianToz in order to benefit all of DianKind

Ring #1

A century ago the skies of DianToz were filled with satellites both new and obsolete creating a hazard for the growing space industry. With robotics and dimensional printing using resources from Space Mining, it became feasible to build a set of artificial rings .

The innermost ring is known as The Interstellar Communincation ring(ICR). The ICR is composed of an advanced network of interstellar communication modules designed to communicate with DianToz and the entire Tri-Star system of planets.

Ring #2

The 2nd Ring that orbits the world of DianToz is known as The SoVran Solar Ring which harnesses the sun’s energy.

This colossal Solar Ring collects 1 kilowatt per second of solar energy which is 100,000 times greater than all the world’s previous generating plants combined.

Space Mining and self-replicating robots made it all possible. Space is an ideal medium for the transmission of microwaves to the planet.Thousands of solar cell arrays beam down to microwave stations distributing electricity all corners of the world.

The SoVran Solar Ring offers unlimited energy for all nations=Prosperity and Dignity for all people.

Ring #3

The InterCosmic Space Post is Ring Number 3 and performs many functions and offers celestial wonders at the same time.

There are Visual sections that offer stunning views of the home world and the Universe. Orbital living quarters house visitors and scientist alike.

Over 3000 experiments in microgravity are typically performed in a single 24 hour period. These experiments directly impact the people of DianToz.  Medical, biological, and technological innovations take place there that are not possible on the home world. 

3D Printing Robotics and Tronic Intelligence(TronicI) have very literally taking over space manufacturing, building spaceships and floating habitats to suit individual needs.

The InterCosmic Space Port offers checkpoints for space explorers headed to the various planets, moon and asteroids within The DianToz Triad Star System

And this is only the tip of the Cosmic Iceberg…