MiThoz-The Alpha II Star

Our Space Odyssey nows takes us to the binary star system of MiThoz 

Discovery Overview

The Original Creator smiled favorably on one particular Trinary star system that lies within The KalaZo Star Cluster.  The DianToz Triad Star system includes two yellow suns relatively close together.       

Here you will find a binary star system within a 3 Star System.

These two Class G dwarf stars are known as SovRan and MiThoz and are separated by a distance of about 83 Astronomical Units, slightly greater than twice the distance between the planetoid Pluto and the Earth Star. These two suns orbit each other over an 200 year period.

The paired stars of SoVran and MiThoz exert tidal forces on one another that cause a slowdown in spin, weakening the radiation and stellar wind of the pair faster than they would undergo as single stars. Fast-moving stellar winds can strip a moon or planet of its atmosphere, leaving it open to heavy radiation bombardment that can interfere with the development of life. 

Planets in a binary solar systems have a better chance of hosting life than those in single-star systems. SoVran and MiThoz dampen each other’s solar radiation and stellar winds, thereby creating a more hospitable environment for life and increasing the habitable zone around such solar systems. A wider habitable zone means a better chance of hosting planets capable of sustaining life, and decreases many of the negative effects that limit potential habitability around the orbiting planets. 

Thus, The DianToz Triad-Star System harbors life on many planets and moons.

If the Earth sun had a companion star, the makeup of the solar system would change significantly. The water stripped from the atmosphere of Venus would likely still be present, making it potentially habitable. Earth itself could have been a very different environment.
The Planet Earth would be a wetter planet if it was orbiting a binary star. 


A New Frontier

A most epic period in the history of DianToz transpired when the Alpha Scouts left the SoVran Star System (for the first time) and ventured to the neighboring star system of MiThoz.

Tronic Intelligence(The Alpha Scouts) were the obvious and sound choice that could/would blaze a roadmap for Diankind.

Families and Collectives left DianToz and neighboring colonies in droves, and embraced the vision of being vanguard space pioneers.

Visiting The MiThoz Star System would have awed the ancient civilizations of DianToz and never imagined possible.

Embarking on a journey to explore a vast new and astoundingly fascinating Star System was now available to any and all of DianKind who were willing to put forth the effort.

Facts and Figures

MiThoz is known as a G-type dwarf star similar to the Earth sun. G-type dwarfs stars outshine 90% of all the stars in The Milky Way Galaxy.

Each second these stars will fuse approximately 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium converting about 4 million tons of matter into solar energy.

A G-type dwarf star such as MiThoz has a life span of approximately 10 billion years.

A bewitching truth about being part of a binary star is that in certain years the sky becomes dark blue for months at a time because of the position of the two suns.