Discovery Overview

QuanTaz is known as a Super Jupiter and is about 7 times larger than Jupiter.

QuanTaz emits about twice the energy it receives then the energy received from the Star MiThoz.

Planet Characteristics of QuanTaz

QuanTaz is a gaseous planet with no solid surface, but has a rock/iron core surrounded by three layers of mantle. QuanTaz exerts tremendous pressure within the interior, even greater than Jupiter’s because of its stronger gravity and higher density. The upper mantle is a mixture of hydrogen-helium elements (a process where gas and liquid merge). In the lower atmosphere, (or middle mantle) is composed of metallic liquid. A solid metallic composition is in the lower mantle. Pressure gets greater as one goes deeper, so the lower mantle is exerting greater pressure than the upper mantle. The result is the hydrogen-helium mixture becomes more compact and more metallic the deeper you travel into the surface.

If QuanTaz was a much bigger planet, it would be able to produce its own energy through a process called deuterium fusion and become a brown dwarf star.

A Super-Jupiter is rated as an M-Class 1 planet, the closest planet to being a star.

Stormy Thermodynamics 

Because QuanTaz emits such intense heat from the interior, QuanTaz is known for cataclysmic atmospheric activities.  Fierce monumental storms and hurricane-force winds encircle the planet . The storms have become more intense and violent and powerful over millions of years as QuanTaz continues to emit more heat.

QuanTaz is home to a unique ghostlike life form that inhabits the atmosphere.