YaNaar-The Hot Jupiter Helium Gas Giant Exoplanet

Discovery Overview

YeNaar is a gas giant exoplanet that orbits very close to MiThoz, the 2nd star of DianToz.

As a result of this close proximity to MiThoz, the surface temperatures of YenNaar exceeds 700C (1300F).

The great intensity of MiThoz’s nuclear furnace was too much for YenNaar as the ice giant was drawn closer to her mother star billions of years ago.

YeNaar has an unusually low density due to its expanded helium atmosphere. YeNaar has extreme temperature swings shifting hundreds of degrees within hours due to the quick revolution and long days due to being tidally locked.

MiThoz mercilessly drove off the lighter gases by first boiling these elements that slowly evaporated, and over time, abundant hydrogen and methane became depleted within the ancient atmosphere, leaving behind a helium world.

YenNaar is the only helium planet within The DianToz Triad System.

Not only is helium one of the most abundant elements in the universe, it’s also one of the most flexible and versatile elements available.

The Many Uses of Helium on DianToz

Helium is used to aid space explorers in deep sea diving on water worlds.

Helium mixtures are used in respiratory treatments in the medical field.

Super powerful magnets have been developed to help manufacturing facilities in space outpost. Helium is used to cool these magnets because of its extremely low boiling point.

Fiber optic technology depends on a pure helium atmosphere in order to ensure air bubbles don’t get trapped inside.

Helium is also used at different stages of computer chip development.

Computer storage capacities are also reliant on helium. Decades ago, Helium filled storage capacity replaced air filled storage capacity, resulting in 50% higher storage capacity with 23% lower operating power.

Helium-ion microscopes allow scientists to explore in much greater detail, than archaic scanning electron microscopes because of their naturally higher resolution.

Helium is unmatched when it comes to detecting leaks, such as in the hull of a space ship.

Harnessing Helium from YaNaar has given the world of DianToz resourceful benefits.